28th Jan 2015


A tool for visualizing and sharing LESS colours colors

LESS is great, I use it for practically every project I work on. A good habit to get into is storing your app/site colours in variables. This not only makes your code more maintainable but also opens the doors to some great util methods (such as darken, lighten, fade, etc) ... and also means you can now use effortless!

Effortless is a little tool I've built that allows you to view and share your LESS colours. Simply paste your LESS variables into the textarea on the left and view the colours on the rightnon colour variables are ignored. Each colour is labelled with its hex, rgba and variable name; which are added to your clipboard when clicked.

Clicking share creates a unique URL which you can send to your friends / teammates, so everyone's on board with your awesome colour scheme! For example the colours used for effortless can be found here.

(p.s If anyones managed to get ZeroClipboard to play nicely with RequireJS and React ping me an email!)

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