Admin (CommuSoft)

With a growing team, new product launch, and unparalleled customer service, CommuSoft needed a CRM of their own. The goal was simple, design and build the best system to empower each department. From client services, onboarding, finance, sales, (and not forgetting us developers) everyone had their own requirements. The system needed to be fast, robust, versatile, and of course look good.


  • UI Design
  • User Experience
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Capturing user requirements and stories
  • Writing specs for RESTful API


  • Backbone
  • CoffeeScript
  • VanillaJS
  • LESS
  • Webpack
  • Google Auth


Powerful Search

Search plays a huge part of admin. Being able to find customers quickly is paramount. I built a search component that allows you to search with or without filters.

The component (a.k.a SlabSearch Like A Boss) is open-source and can be found on GitHub.

Non-blocking UI

Perceived speed makes the web app feel faster (than it actually is).

Components and views reliant on server-side data have loading states. This allows things independent from the server to be shown and used immediately.

I have written a post about this technique here.

Offline? No probs

This was born following a bad spell of poor internet connection. When connection dies the web app shows a nice message saying internet connection has been lost.

App state is preserved, which means when connection returns users can resume from where they left off.

Feeling brave?

One of the perks of working on an internal system is the fun you can have with it.

The workflow to delete a client contains a few hurdles to ensure the user really...really wants to delete the client. The final confirmation makes the user type a word chosen at random :)


" Callum is a fantastic designer, he has an incredible eye for even the smallest detail and a great sense of style and design. He has a brilliant understanding of how a user will experience his work, from the simplest button to the most complex animations. He loves what he does and it has been a real pleasure working with him. I'm incredibly excited about the work we're doing together and really pleased he's joined the team. "

Jason Morjaria – Founder of CommuSoft