MetaTrails is a web application that helps people learn key skills in the web design and technology sector. The project was a solo mission where my responsibilities amounted to both backend and front-end development. Ironically I learnt heaps during the build as this my first encounter with Ruby on Rails; which is one of the skills MetaTrails offers.


  • Backend Development
  • Database Design
  • JavaScript Development


  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • TDD
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • jQuery


Ambitious Design

It was great fun and certainly challenging to ensure that no details were missed when turning the ambitious designs into code.

Fortunately we are in the day and age of CSS3 and I relied on some of its newest features to get me through.

(Shout out to Linnea Strid for the awesome designs).

Tablet Friendly

MetaTrails is tablet friendly. I utilised some of the latest HTML5 approaches to make the process seamless.


" Callum has done an excellent job on Meta Trails, his enthusiasm, ideas and delivery have been top notch. He grasped Ruby-on-Rails very quickly and we were very impressed with his abilities to take ideas and deliver a working product. "

Josh Crowder – Founder of Serious Fox