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Normalising Dependencies

The performance cost of not keeping package versions in sync.



We recently normalised the version of components used in our micro front-ends, and the drop in bundle size is stark!

See the results below:

Bundle Before After Saving decrease
a.js 27.7 KB 10.8 KB 16.9 KB (61.01%)
b.js 24.4 KB 9.7 KB 14.7 KB (60.25%)
c.js 8.9 KB 4.2 KB 4.7 KB (52.8%)
d.js 78.5 KB 63.6 KB 14.9 KB (18.9%)
e.js 96.1 KB 83.8 KB 12.3 KB (12.8%)

Note: bundle names have been shortened for brevity, and sizes are compressed.

Before automating this, every sprint someone in the team now runs npm-check-updates to see what components need updating.

About the author

I'm Callum, a Front-end Engineer at Nutmeg. Previously I wrote code for KAYAK, American Express, and Dell. Out of hours I publish blog posts (like this one) and tweet cherry-picks.

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