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Side Projects

A burning passion for open source explains why I write code even when I'm not paid to.


Stream updates to React components from ES6 generators.

Immutable Styles

Experimental Elm inspired compiler that catches CSS bugs ahead of time.


Study into whether borrowing access modifiers from object-oriented languages could make CSS less fragile and more predictable.


Node JS based lexical analyzer that turns CSS into parser friendly tokens ready to be consumed by any willing compiler.


Static code analyzer for CSS that surfaces the most commonly used declarations. Developed whilst on the KAYAK Core UI Architecture team to focus our efforts on optimizing CSS.


Java algorithm that replicates images using CSS gradients with the intention of increasing the perceived speed of loading images.


Filter a result-set via single or multiple choice, or by a specific date or range of dates.


A multi-month date-picker that makes fast work of time travelling into the past, present or future.


DOM friendly autocomplete capable of rendering thousands of results by decoupling data from markup.


Google inspired date-picker touting advanced interactions for power users via mouse and trackpad gestures.


Search like a boss with an Gmail inspired search text field.


Not the Preact but rather the first (I think) libraries for content placeholders in React. Admittedly shows my age; remember when React had mixins!


Online tool to visualize and share colour palettes defined in LESS.